Shanghai Baosteel Ningbo Ziheng’s 1500000t/a composite powder production line

News Date:2018-09-18 16:03:31

Project introduction:

Raw material: slag, steel slag

Capacity: capacity of slag powder is 110t/h; capacity of steel slag powder is 50t/h

Fineness of the finished product: the specific surface area of the slag powder is 430m²/kg; the specific surface area of the steel slag powder is 480m²/kg

Application: cement, concrete etc.

Main equipment configuration: GRMS46.41 slag vertical roller mill, 3.2×13m steel slag ball mill + 14080-D roller press

Production time: April 2017

composite powder production line

Project introduction: In 2013, In order to study the cyclic utilization of steel slag, slag and exhaust gas in steel plants and achieve zero emission in steel plants, Shanghai Baosteel wanted to make a national demonstrative project in slag power’s quality, production technology, park construction and other aspects, and after a lot of research, it chose Xinxiang Great Wall Machinery as the EPC construction unit.

After this project went into operation, all equipment runs stably, all operation indexes are good, and the output of slag powder can reach over 110t/h with the specific surface area of 430m²/kg; the output of the steel slag powder is 53t/h with the specific surface area of 500 m²/kg, and this project fully meet the designed requirements.

This project successfully realizes the strategic target of zero emission of steel slag powder in Chinese steel and iron industry, and becomes the good example for all steel plants in China which want to produce high-quality products in a high-efficient, low-consumption and environmental way.

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