PT.Indoferro 300000t/a nickel slag grinding plant EPC project

News Date:2018-09-18 15:31:39

Raw material: nickel slag

Main equipment configuration: GRMS33.31 slag vertical mill

Production time: November 2016

slag grinding plant

Project introduction: this project was launched by PT.Indoferro for the purpose of disposing the nickel slag produced in steel smelting process, and is the first nickel slag powder production line in Indonesia. This project was built by Xinxiang Great Wall. This project was started in June 2016 and finished and went into operation in November 2016, the output of a single mill per hour is 50t with the specific surface area of 450㎡/kg, and all parameters reach the designed requirements. The demand of the nickel slag powder produced by this project exceeds the supply, so the client praise Xinxiang Great Wall for its high-quality equipment, advanced technology and good construction.

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