Lime Rotary Kiln

Lime Rotary Kiln

  • Application
    Cement Plant, Clinker Grinding Unit, Mining, Quicklime Plant
  • Capacity
    150-1000 t/d
  • Motor Power
    160-630 kW


Lime rotary kiln is the main equipment of lime production line. It is widely used for many industries like metallurgy, chemical industry, building refractory materials, environmental protection, etc.Great wall lime rotary kiln has many advatages: High Automation Level, Waste Heat be Reused Effectively, Low Energy Consumption and so on.
rotary kiln dryer

1. Activity is higher than the traditional shaft kiln 30ml

The material heated evenly in the revolving lime rotary kiln, the probability of mild and excessive calcination is low. The lime activity degrees produce by lime  rotary kiln is higher than the shaft kiln. The lime activity can reach up to 400ml.      


                                                          Comparison of Lime Kilns on the Market

         Kiln type
Great Wall kilns
shaft kilns
earth kilns
Raw material granularity
Standard coal consumption
120-145 kg/t
200-300 kg/t
Lime activity
330-400ml(The influence of fuel ash and sulfur content increase on lime activity is not obvious
260-300ml(the increase of fuel ash and sulfur content significantly reduce lime activity)
200-240ml(the increase of fuel ash and sulfur content significantly reduce lime activity)
Ignition loss
less than5%
about 10%

2. Production capacity reaches up to 1500 t/d

The lime kilns produced by Great Wall Machinery have large capacity, the output can reach to 1500t/d, operating well to guarantee enterprise up-scaling and reduce the production cost.

3. Auto-control reduce the labor cost

Auto-control by using DCS remote control system, only need 2-3 operating personnel in the whole line.

4. Good quality of finished products, low probability of mild and excessive calcination

Product quality is uniform, the probability of mild and excessive calcination less than 8%.

5.Gas fuel, energy saving and environmental protection

Lime rotary kiln

Great Wall lime kiln belongs to open type calcination equipment with advanced manufacturing technique,lower energy consumption than the old lime kiln calcination system and more environmental protection for adopts the exhaust blast furnace gas.

Why choose Xinxiang Great Wall?

1. More than hundred customers recognized brand

Since the factory established in 1958, Xinxiang Great Wall gain hundreds of loyal customers’ recognition in the sales chain for ball mill, veritical roller mill, rotary kiln. And Xinxiang Great Wall established strategic partnership with Shanghai Baosteel, FLSmidth, Arcelor Mittal, Pohang Iron and Steel Co. Ltd(POSCO), Umicore etc.

2. One-stop solution provider

With more than half a century of research and development production experience, on-the-spot guidance for more than one hundred client, Today, Xinxiang Great Wall is fully able to provide customers from the scheme design, equipment selection, processing and manufacturing to installation, commissioning, technical training, and finally reach output and standard. That is to say, Xinxiang Great Wall has achieved the magnificent transformation from single equipment manufacturing to system solutions service.

3. Warm and thoughtful service build the brand

 Supply customers with “Secure choices, Easy operation, Satisfactory service” is the constant purpose of Xinxiang Great Wall for more than half a century. Equipment maintenance, spare parts supply, customers pay a return visit, perfect service and high-quality products make Xinxiang Great Wall stands in front ranks in the field of large equipment manufacturing and become numerous grinding enterprises’ common choice.



Designed capacity
Product    Rotary kiln
Spec. (m)    Effective volume
Burning temperature
150 active lime Φ2.5×40 142 1350/1250
200 active lime Φ2.8×42 190 1350/1250
250 active lime Φ3×46 235 1350/1250
300 active lime Φ3.2×50 292 1350/1250
400 active lime Φ3.5×56 430 1350
500 active lime Φ3.8×58 505 1350
600 active lime Φ4×60 575 1350
800 active lime Φ4.3×64 738 1350
1000 active lime Φ4.8×68 1005 1350


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