Chaeng: The birthplace of the earliest large steel slag mill in China

News Date:2018-05-08 14:28:00

Chaeng steel slag vertical mill is a combination of crushing, conveying, grinding, drying and grading. It has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency and strong drying capacity. Simplified technology, small footprint, low investment, power consumption is greatly reduced, long service life, high operating rate of ultra-fine grinding innovative technology, new environmental protection and efficient, and access to a number of national technology patents. It is the most ideal steel slag powder production equipment. Steel slag mill grinding efficiency, the system power consumption does not exceed 50kWh / t, the specific surface area of ​​the steel slag powder can be 4500 ~ 5000cm2/g, superior performance. Superfine grinding of steel slag is to grind steel slag into fine powder and then mixed with slag powder to produce steel slag powder for use in the production of cement and concrete. There are many steel slag superfine grinding brand manufacturers in the market. When the user selects, the steel slag is ultrafine. Which brand is good, here is the originator of super-fine grinding of steel slag. Chaeng Steel Slag vertical mill grinding advantages:

steel slag mill

1. Good effect of removing iron

After iron slag pretreatment equipment, the iron content of the product is less than 1%, which not only solves the problem of ultrafine grinding and wear of the steel slag, but also fully recovers the waste iron resource, enabling the enterprise to obtain additional income;

2. Low power consumption of steel slag superfine grinding

Chaeng steel slag ultra-fine grinding adopts the well-developed steel slag pretreatment technology and new environmentally-friendly steel slag ultra-fine grinding and grinding equipment, which greatly reduces the power consumption of the entire steel slag processing system and responds to the call of the country to save energy and reduce emissions and to take the road of green industry development. .

3. Steel slag powder has a large specific surface area

Good brand steel slag ultra-fine grinding produces steel slag powder and steel slag powder products with large specific surface area. Steel slag powder has less metal iron content, and its activity and stability are completely satisfied with the requirements of high-activity composite materials for building cement and concrete.

4. Product granularity can be adjusted

Chaeng steel slag mill can adjust the product discharge fineness at any time according to the market and customer's various needs.

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