Slag vertical mill can handle blast furnace slag

News Date:2018-05-05 09:50:28

Blast furnace slag is an industrial solid waste. The blast furnace slag discharge process,it is also known as blast furnace slag, which has a variety of uses after grinding in industrial production. Slag cement and concrete products can also be produced.

slag mill

Blast furnace slag can be selected for slag vertical grinding. When it comes to milling equipment, many people have the impression that they are "highly consumed and more dusty." When referring to rotary kiln firing equipment, the impression is "high energy consumption and high pollution." These words are the labels of these industrial production equipment. These labels are environmentally friendly insulation materials.

1. Small footprint, low investment cost, intelligent control, simple operation;

2. The vertical mill system has no dust pollution in the operation of the closed-loop system, and the exhaust gas of the induced draft fan meets the requirements of environmental protection.

3, slag vertical mill uses advanced grinding methods, compared with the ball mill energy consumption by 30% to 40%, not only reduces production costs;

4. Closed grinding operation, reduce air pollution, and achieve win-win results of economic benefits and environment;

5. The blanking point between the belt and the conveyor belt is integrated with other dust collection links to ensure environmental protection requirements;

6. Heat can be used for blast furnace gas, bio fuels and natural gas and other environmental energy sources to achieve clean and pollution-free

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