Ball mill trunnion

News Date:2018-04-23 14:45:59

CHAENG is specialized in manufacturing steel casting ball mill parts: ball mill trunnion, ball mill bearing pedestal, ball mill girth gears and so on (see more ball mill parts pictures). Ball mill trunnion is an important part to support rotating ball mill cylinder and is the inlet and outlet channel for materials. Thus ball mill trunnion shaft mainly bears the bending force during operation

ball mill bearing

Process advantages

1. Hardness is generally 30% higher than that of peers

Use unique heat treatment technology to improve the hardness and impact resistance of ball mill trunnion.

2. Service life is 50% longer than that of peers

Take use of the high-strength steel and optimize the structure of ball mill trunnion according to the operation characteristics of ball mill, to greatly ensure the stability during long time operation and prolong service life.

3. Short production cycle

CHAENG has a strong steel casting production ability. It can manufacture large batch of ball mill trunnion within short casting cycle.

Process introduction

Ball mill trunnion (ball mill head) is an important part to bear cylinder of ball mill. Its main function is to support and connect cylinder, and it is also the access way for the material. The force axial meet at work is mainly bending force.

CHAENG can make various types of ball mill trunnion according to the drawings and sizes provided by the customers. Welcome to visit and consult!

According to customer requirements, CHAENG select the appropriate wooden mold for modeling design, use CAE simulation casting before actual casting, in strict accordance with the technological process of wooden mold – modeling – smelting pouring – heat preservation –sand cleaning and out of the pit – heat treatment – rough machining and fine machining – packaging and delivery, cast supporting roller with high quality

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