The pouring operations of Casting steel need to pay attention to the specific issues

News Date:2018-04-19 15:05:50

Qualified large steel castings must meet many requirements and hard conditions. Good results must have strict operating procedures and specifications. The large steel casting enterprises in Henan will introduce some procedures for cast steel casting.

steel casting pouring

Casting steel casting operations need to pay attention to the temperature, speed, etc., specifically described as follows:

1. The temperature has a great influence on the quality of steel castings. The determination of a reasonable pouring temperature range needs to be judged according to the type of alloy, the casting structure and the characteristics of the casting mold. In general, the pouring temperature is between 1540°C and 1580°C (the molten steel temperature in the ladle). between.

2. Regarding the pouring speed, under the condition that the gas in the cavity can be discharged smoothly, a higher casting speed can be used for castings that require simultaneous solidification, and a lower casting speed should be used for castings that require sequential solidification as much as possible. .

3, Henan large-scale steel enterprises remind everyone that the operation requirements can not be sloppy: (1) pouring large and medium-sized steel castings, molten steel to be placed in the ladle for 1min ~ 2min after the sedation cast; (2) after the casting to be solidified In order to reduce the shrinkage resistance of castings and to avoid cracking defects in castings, it is necessary to remove the pressure iron and box cards in time.

Great Wall Cast Steel is a large-scale cast steel company in Henan Province, and it is also a heavy industry enterprise. It wants to promote the development of the entire industry. It cannot relax the quality of the products and improve the quality of steel castings, which is to promote the development of the steel casting industry.

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