Causes and solutions of dust accumulation at the feed inlet of vertical roller mill

News Date:2021-12-09 09:18:07

The vertical mill is a commonly used grinding equipment in the grinding production line. It can process a variety of materials such as slag, steel slag, limestone, etc. However, due to the long running time of the vertical mill, the poor working environment, and the high hardness of the ground material, it will be milled over time. There may be some malfunctions or minor problems. For example, too much dust at the feed port will affect the output of the mill, so it must be dealt with in time. So what is the cause of the dust problem at the feed port of the mill and how to solve it?

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Causes of dust problems at the feed inlet of the vertical mill

1. If the material processed by the vertical mill has a high humidity, it will be easy to paste the bag when the dry materials are mixed together, and then the feeder is easy to block, resulting in increased ventilation resistance and dust.

2. In order to reduce the dust caused by air leakage of the equipment, some operators spray water at the entrance, which will increase the resistance of ventilation and cause serious dust.

3. The filter area of the dust collector used in the equipment is relatively small, and the exhaust air volume is generally not enough. This phenomenon will make it difficult to form a certain micro-negative pressure in the dust hood and the grinding cavity of the discharge port, which will easily lead to larger dust.

Solution to dust at the feed inlet of vertical mill

1. Use a good dust collector and keep it air permeable, tap it once a day.

2. Check the pipe connection of the milling equipment to see if there is any air leakage.

3. Check whether the air door is closed. If the air door is closed, the air volume will not be able to circulate, which will cause the feed port to spray powder outwards and form dust accumulation at the feed port.

In addition, the Xinxiang Great Wall mechanical mill manufacturer reminds everyone that in order to ensure the normal operation of the mill, it is very important to perform regular and irregular maintenance in a correct and reasonable manner, and the staff are required to wear masks and masks during the operation of the equipment. Dust-proof tools, this can not only improve the production efficiency of the equipment, extend the service life of the mill, but also have a greater protection for the health of the staff!

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