Bentonite Processing - Vertical grinding mill Price and Selection

News Date:2018-06-13 14:19:21

Bentonite is a kind of non-metallic ore with a Mohs hardness of 7 or less. The bentonite component is mainly composed of montmorillonite and the content of montmorillonite is 85-90%. According to the different properties of bentonite and different production indexes, the bentonite can be divided into For drilling grade bentonite, drilling mud bentonite and cast grade bentonite. Bentonite after deep processing is mainly used for foundry sand, drilling mud, iron ore pellets, civil engineering projects and animal and poultry feed, etc. It can be used as decolorizing agent, binder, thixotropic agent, suspending agent, stabilizer, filling Materials, catalysts, etc., are widely used in agriculture, light industry and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and other fields, is a widely used natural mineral materials. Bentonite has a wide range of applications. The market has broad prospects for development. Bentonite manufacturers are also increasing. Different regions have different processing requirements for bentonite. What type of vertical grindingmill processing equipment is suitable for 100 mesh bentonite processing?

vertical grinding mill

Chaeng has more than 50 years of development history in the vertical mill. It has rich production experience and mature production technology. It has a variety of vertical milling mill production line equipment. chaeng vertical mill is a vertical milling mill production line equipment that combines crushing, grinding, and collection. The equipment is a three-dimensional structure. It adopts the current advanced production technology to meet the current environmental production requirements, and the production and fineness of production. It has greatly improved. The output of a single device is as high as 700 tons per hour, and the powder fineness can be adjusted between 325 and 2500 meshes, bringing considerable market benefits to the company. Bentonite can be processed with the same power vertical mill mill production line equipment.

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