Lime Production Line Equipment Prices and Vertical Mill Selection

News Date:2018-06-11 15:18:52

What is the price of the 800-mesh lime production line? The 800-item belongs to the category of ultra-fine powder and generally requires the use of an ultra-fine pulverizer or vertical mill in order to produce it. The same power machine is a milling machine manufacturer, the production of a variety of vertical roller mill models, with different specifications, different production of fine grinding machine equipment, can meet the 325-2500 mesh superfine powder production and processing.


vertical mill

Quicklime, it is also known as calcium oxide, it is a new type of material that has been ground through the grinding process of limestone, chalk, etc. It is widely used in construction and metallurgy. In the field of metallurgy, metallurgical calcium oxide (lime) is mainly used in steel mills, stainless steel plants, and furnace charge plants. Specifications are: converter small pieces, blast furnace large pieces, sintered lime powder. Generally require more than 78% of calcium oxide dust, the general steel block ash 83 or more, special steel and stainless steel and other requirements more than 85; containing silicon, sulfur, magnesium, loss of ignition should be low, activity between 280-320 . Calcium oxide has high application value in the field of metallurgy, and has high production requirements. Selecting advanced and first-class production line equipment for processing can improve the market competitiveness of enterprises, bring high-quality products, and increase the market price of products.

In the field of milling, chaeng has 60 years of production experience, mature production technology, high efficiency of milling, and we can produce and process high-quality lime powder for lime production enterprises. The powder fineness is adjusted between 325 and 2500 mesh, and the quality is stable. , Bringing a good development market for the company. As a star device, vertical mill is a three-dimensional structure, small footprint, low wear, grinding roller, disc liner with a special material, long life, low overall investment costs, which can bring more advantages for the enterprise product.

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