The advantages of steel slag vertical mill in the treatment of solid waste in iron and steel plants

News Date:2020-05-19 16:19:12

In industrial production, iron and steel companies will produce a large amount of solid waste during the steelmaking process. The long-term storage of these solid wastes will cause serious environmental pollution and increase safety risks. Therefore, iron and steel enterprises are imminent in dealing with these waste residues.

With the vigorous promotion of national environmental protection policies, a large number of steel companies have begun to attach importance to the treatment of steel slag, and their processing equipment has also been continuously upgraded. The steel slag vertical mill is an ideal grinding equipment for effectively processing steel slag and can play a good role in environmental protection.

steel slag vertical mill cost

In the development and design of the steel slag vertical mill, chaeng installed a vibrating screen and a bag-type dust collector, which can truly achieve the "0" discharge of waste slag. Through the test of the chaeng Steel Slag Vertical Mill in Ninggang with an annual output of 1.5 million tons of composite powder production line, the specific surface area of ​​the milled steel slag fine powder can reach 450-500㎡ / kg. With good activity, the steel slag is ground to a suitable fineness and scientifically formulated, so that the concrete plays a role of "micro-expansion" of overall uniformity, which in turn brings low heat of hydration, low slump, high impermeability, A series of extremely valuable properties such as high strength, high frost resistance, high wear resistance, high seawater corrosion resistance, high carbonization resistance and more than 100 years of life. Even if the content of free calcium oxide reaches 5% in the ground steel slag powder and the amount added in cement reaches 45%, the stability is still qualified, and it can be used as a mixture of concrete admixture and cement.

steel slag production line

steel slag production line

In the Ninggang project, the vertical mill of chaeng has been unanimously recognized by everyone: high output, low energy consumption, low price, good quality, and various indicators of vertical mill are better than imported vertical mill.

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