How to achieve higher development of the slag powder industry

News Date:2019-11-28 13:59:44

Operation of the slag powder industry:

It is the historical peak of China's slag powder production in 2013 , whichreaches 126 million tons; China's slag powder production reached its lowest value in 2015, falling below 100 million tons for the first time in recent years; China's slag powder production line increased slightly In 2018, China's slag powder output was 102 million tons, a slight increase of 0.63% compared to 2017; with the strong investment in the real estate industry and the infrastructure industry, demand continued to be strong.

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Problems encountered in the slag powder industry:

At present, the application, production and equipment technology of S95 slag powder are basically mature in China. Product homogenization is serious. Most of the slag powder companies in China produce S95 slag powder. Few companies can produce S105 slag powder or ultra-fine slag powder.

Slag powder market trend: demand is decreasing, competition is increasing, requirements for product specifications are increasing, product requirements are diversifying, and market segmentation is becoming more detailed.

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Slag powder is an important concrete functional material, and it also has a variety of ecological and environmental protection effects, such as: developing a circular economy, increasing the service life of buildings, reducing carbon dioxide emissions, reducing air pollutant emissions, and reducing urban heat island effects. However, the current level of related applications is still low in China, and further development is needed. Such good resources cannot be simply used as general mixtures and admixtures.

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