Reasons for the decrease in production of lime rotary kiln

News Date:2018-12-06 14:15:40

It is inevitable that the lime rotary kiln will be abnormal during production. For example, fuel addition is not timely, ringing, equipment failure and other factors will cause the lime rotary kiln to produce abnormality during production, if not solved in time. In this case, it is possible that the rotary kiln cannot work and operate, and the temperature in the kiln is insufficient, and the material is not uniformly calcined, resulting in unqualified products. The following is a small series to introduce you to several problems encountered in production.

lime rotary kiln

1. Insufficient supply, such as sudden and false, will lead to product failure.

2. When the rotary kiln appears to be closed and the kiln is dropped, the parameters will be abnormal when the equipment is running, resulting in uneven heating of the product.

3. In the production work, improper operation of the firework is too much or too little when increasing or decreasing coal combustion, which will also lead to lower production efficiency of the lime rotary kiln.

4. When the equipment is broken, it is one of the most critical and fatal factors. In the production of the product, it is necessary to maintain high temperature. If the coal is broken, the temperature in the kiln will be greatly reduced, and the product will not be calcined and affect the efficiency.

5. Damage to equipment accessories caused by daily maintenance, these components will cause the equipment to not operate properly during operation.


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