How much is the price of the steel ladle?

News Date:2018-08-31 13:47:11

The steel ladle is used for pouring in metal casting workshops, such as steel plants and aluminum and copper. The general temperature of molten steel and molten iron is more than one thousand degrees. The steel ladle generally has refractory materials. The ladle is subjected to metal liquid in front of the smelting furnace such as electric arc furnace and intermediate frequency furnace, and then transported to the mold at the casting place for pouring, which is characterized by high temperature resistance, heat preservation and convenient operation. According to different casting materials, it is divided into ladle,steel ladle, Aluminum water bag, ball iron bag and so on.

steel  ladle  slag pot

Product advantages:

1. The trunnion seat, flange, support, tilting ears and other parts are all subjected to secondary inspection to ensure quality.

2, cost-effective, cast steel ladle has a long service life, much better than the traditional welding ladle

3, the use of high-quality scrap steel raw materials and accessories, strict testing components before production, strong deformation resistance, not easy to change deformation

4. The manufacturing period is short and the turnover is fast.

Chaeng (Great Wall Cast Steel) specializes in the production of large-scale steel casting products for slag tanks, slag barrels, slag pots, steel ladle and other metallurgical products. It cooperates with nearly 100 steel companies at home and abroad, such as Mittal, Tata and other international famous steel mills. Cooperation, the supply of more than 200 slag tanks per year, and chaeng has been highly recognized by customers.

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