Tips for using vertical roller mill

News Date:2020-05-14 13:56:58

Vertical roller mill is an indispensable equipment in the production of cement / commercial concrete / grinding station. Chaeng continuously improves the vertical mill in the development of vertical mill, so that the operation of the equipment can fully reach the production standard and win the customer Highly praised. Here, the editor tells you a little knowledge about the operation of the vertical mill to answer your questions.

 Tips for using vertical roller mill


After the vertical mill is started for a period of time, especially during the roll down roller period, the oil level of the oil tank must be constantly checked for changes. At this time, the temperature of the oil supply oil may be low, and the oil return temperature may be low. It may be better in summer when the temperature is high) In winter, it is best to manually heat the oil temperature of the oil tank to about 50 degrees before opening the mill. Pass the cooler. This will not only make the oil temperature in the tank uniform but also increase the temperature quickly).

When the oil return temperature is low, when the oil return is not good, control the oil supply to ensure the oil level of the tank. (If necessary, you can not supply oil but maintain a certain supply pressure.) As the oil return temperature increases and the return oil improves Gradually increase the fuel supply (ie, fuel supply pressure). In the long-term stable operation of the mill, the oil supply should be cooled through the cooler and the oil supply flow should be maximized to ensure the safe and normal operation of the roller bearing, but at the same time, a certain amount of oil tank oil level should be maintained.

Although the operation of the vertical mill is simple, some small details still need to be noted. The correct use of the vertical mill can improve better product yield and quality.

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