New Journey/Congratulations on the success of the 60th Anniversary Celebration of chaeng

News Date:2018-10-30 15:13:37

 On October 29-30, with the theme of “60 Years of Craftsmanship, Centenary Dreams of CHAENG”, the 60th Anniversary Celebration of Xinxiang Great Wall was grandly held. More than 400 guests attended the ceremony to celebrate the 60th birthday of Xinxiang Great Wall, including the local leaders, leaders from China cement, casting and lime industry associations, experts and professors from cement and industrial waste residue industry, clients from domestic and overseas cement and steel industry, China Cement Network, China Building Materials News, China Metallurgical Newspaper and so on.

Reviewing the highlights of the celebration

The 60th Anniversary Celebration of Xinxiang Great Wall mainly includes the establishment of Anniversary Celebration, the industrial waste residue recycling technology exchange meeting, the celebration party, and a one-day trip to Wanxian Mountain and so on. In a word, the 60th Anniversary Celebration is not only constant climax, but also wonderful and brilliant.



Reviewing the development history of Xinxiang Great Wall

With experiencing trials and hardship for more than 50 years, Xinxiang Great Wall has walked through the development road from noting to something, from small to big and from weak to strong. Now Xinxiang Great Wall is stepping toward the new goals at a vigorous and strong pace, to achieve a leap from quantitative change to qualitative change and create a dream of a century foundation.

New Beginning New Journey

With 60 years’ hard working, Xinxiang Great Wall ushered in a new crossover node which is also a new starting point for the “Centenary Dreams of CHAENG” to be ready for launch. Xinxiang Great Wall will adhere to the development concepts of “innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing”, build an “environmental protection, energy-saving and high-efficiency” industrial structure as the core, make more efforts in researching and development, and agglomerate the strong motivation of sustainable development of Xinxiang Great Wall. With a dream in deep heart, and with the help of "one belt one road” policy, Xinxiang Great Wall will adhere to be driven by two wheels which include the high-end equipment and intelligent network, actively embrace the climactic industry revolution, accelerate strategic transformation, take advantage of the trend, and continue to enhance our core competitiveness. Xinxiang Great Wall will establish its ambitious goals, strengthen its mission, build the era benchmark of great power and major enterprise, and fully open a new journey of “Centenary Dreams of CHAENG”. Finally we can realize a new great leap and achieve the dream of becoming a "Manufacturing Power”.

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