Clinker Grinding Station

Solution Introduction

Traditional clinker grinding station adopts ball mill to grind clinker, and has much dust, loud noise and high energy consumption in the process of production, it will be replaced gradually by vertical roller mill. Great Wall Machinery is the professional manufacturer of cement equipment, can offer complete solution for grinding station, and improves production efficiency, reduces power consumption and environmentally friendly.

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Industry Status

At present, domestic clinker grinding stations generally exist following problems.

1. The equipment presently with high energy consumption and low production efficiency, and it’s not meet the requirements of national policy.

2. Serious dust and noise pollution.

3. The production line presently with large area occupying and complex production process.

4. The equipment presently is old-fashioned, lower productivity and inferior quality.

During 12th five-year plan, DNRC puts forward higher requirements to cement enterprises that the enterprise with low productivity, high energy consumption and high pollution will be shut down, encourage the adoption of advanced technology, equipment and large-scale production.

Under the new circumstances, cement industry puts forward new requirements on equipment and production lines.

1. Putting national policy into effort, forgoing high energy consumption equipment, using of more energy-saving equipment.

2. Adopting advanced technology and equipment, reducing environmental pollution, and improving production efficiency.

3. Optimizing structure of production line, reducing the costs of production, and improving the profits.

Solution Features

Custmer Income

1. Can recover the costs of investment in 1-3 years.

2. Adopt advanced process optimization, can reduce production energy consumption by more than 30%.

3. Low construction cost, operating cost and maintenance charge.

4. Finished product has extremely high marketing development prospect with its high productivity and excellent quality.

Solution Features

Simple in technology process, saving capital construction investment.

Vertical roller mill has powder separator, adopts hot air transport materials, the powder and gas enter into powder separator when out of mill. Therefore, vertical roller mill system has simple technology, low failure rate, high operation efficiency, compact allocation, construction area of 70% of ball mill, construction space of 50-60% of ball mill, and it can help enterprises to save land resources effectively.

With excellent environmental benefit, low noise, and low dust.

Noise of vertical roller mill is generally around 80 Db in the process of operation. Vertical roller mill roller and millstone have no direct contact, the noise is lower than ball mill by 20-25Db. In addition, vertical roller mill adopts closed system, and works under negative pressure, so the environment is clean and without dust.

Low metal abrasion, slow speed in equipment depletion, stable operation.

Because in the operation of  vertical roller mill roller and millstone have no direct contact between metals, low wear, the cement clinker consumption for per product unit is 4-6g/t, but ball mill is up to 500g/t. Therefore, it will be in low depreciation and low depletion if adopts the production solution of vertical in the process of production, it can improve the operation time and stability of equipment effectively and reduce the production cost greatly.

Production with high degree of homogenization, high degree of fineness, excellent quality, and huge potential marketing.

It is very convenient to adjust the rotating speed of operator, wind speed and roller pressure, as well as can adjust the fineness of production quickly. And the qualified product within vertical roller mill can be separated in time, avoids the problem of excessive grinding of ball mill equipment, the production with uniform particle size, high degree of homogenization, excellent quality. Therefore, vertical roller mill is very popular in the market, and has an excellent market prospect.

Clinker Grinding Station Process

cement gridning station

The electric motor drives the disc through the reducer, and the hot air enters the vertical roller mill from the air inlet. The material falls from the feeding mouth to the center of the disc. Because of the centrifugal force, the material moves from the center of the disc to the edge of the disc. Grinding roller crushed, crushed material continues to move to the edge of the disc until the wind ring at the air flow away, and large particles of material and fell to the disc to continue to crush. The airflow through the upper part of the material separator, the role of the guide vane, the rough material from the cone down to the disc, the fine powder along with the air out of the mill, the dust collector system to be collected powder For vertical roller mill grinding out of the product. The material is dried in contact with the gas in the housing to achieve the desired dry and wet product. By adjusting the angle of the guide fan blades and the rotor speed of the separator, can achieve the required product thickness

Clinker Grinding Station Process

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