Mill Housing

Mill Housing

Accessories Weight: 23~97 t

Application Equipment: Rolling Mill

Application Industry: metallurgy and industry

Main Materials: ASTM: 1035 / DIN: C35,CK35 / BS: 060A35

Customized or not: Yes

Product introduction

Rolling mill housing is an important part of rolling mill stand. As most of the rolling mill works in a complicated environment, during the working process, heavy shocks will be produced from rollers to the mill housing, which may cause the inside surface and the bottom surface of mill housing corrosive some wear problem in varying degree. Thus, the gap between the roll mill stand and the roller bearing block may exceed the limit value that can be controlled.

The working condition of main transmit system may also be deteriorated by the extended gap, which increases the transmit system’s vibration shock. The steel ingot will slip while it is biting. Thus the strip shape will also be affect and so does the products quality.

Product protection

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