What much for the slag vertical mill for ?

News Date:2020-11-04 13:46:32

The determinants of the price of the slag vertical mill are:
1. The specifications of the equipment, the annual output of 200,000 tons of slag vertical mill diameter 2600, the annual output of 1 million tons of vertical mill diameter up to 5300, different diameters, the specifications of the vertical mill's various accessories are not the same, These standards will affect the price of the overall equipment;
2, the parameters of the vertical mill equipment, including the processing range of the material processing, processing fineness and other aspects of the scope of debugging;
3. Market factors, market competition countermeasures made by manufacturers of vertical mill equipment also have an impact on the price of equipment. If the competition in the market is fierce, the manufacturers will adjust the price of the slag mill vertical mill in order to stand out from the competition.
slag vertical mill
The price is a very intuitive indicator of the slag vertical mill, and the price factor directly affects the buyer's choice of each manufacturer.
Chaeng pays attention to product quality in the sales of vertical mills. It has more than 3,000 sets of kiln grinding equipment production experience at home and abroad. The price is not the direct factor to decide the purchase. The quality that is consistent with the price is the most important. the elements of. A good vertical mill can recover costs within three years.

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