What are the characteristics of vertical mills during operation

News Date:2020-09-08 13:50:09

1. The relative sliding difference between the grinding table and the grinding roller of the vertical mill is small, the white fungus allows the grinding stone to rotate faster, and the grinding roller working pressure is higher. Therefore, compared with other types of grinding rollers under the same specifications, the output is higher. Time high to save power.
2. It can dry, grind, and select materials at the same time, with simple process and low noise.
3. It is an English air swept type and some material external circulation system, the latter can greatly reduce the ventilation power consumption of the system.
4. The ventilation ring gap in the mill can be flexibly adjusted according to the distribution of the table surface materials to reduce ventilation resistance and power consumption.
vertical mill parts
5. For a four grinding roll vertical mill, the grinding rollers can be pressurized separately or four rolls at the same time to meet the needs of the change of the material bed. If the rollers are pressurized separately, different working pressures can be used to operate. A pair of grinding rollers with a lower pressure have the dual functions of preparing the material bed and grinding powder. This pair of roller mills play an important role in maintaining the stability of the material bed when grinding difficult-to-grind materials under higher working pressure. During the operation, the working pressure can be set according to the operation of the grinding roller. The rigidity of the hydraulic pressure system is properly designed and has a wide range of adjustment to meet the needs of materials with different grindability.
6. The grinding roller can be raised and lowered automatically to realize no-load start to reduce the starting torque of the motor.
7. The roller mill can be turned out of the casing by the function of the roller turning cylinder for maintenance.
8. Built in high efficiency cage type powder separator, which can adjust the fineness sensitively and adapt to the load. The powder selection efficiency can reach more than 90%.

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