How to solve the problem of the wear of the grinding ring and the grinding roller?

News Date:2020-07-06 14:15:49

The grinding rings and grinding rollers of the vertical mill are important mechanical parts for this equipment. If the grinding rings and grinding rollers are worn, the greater the degree of wear, the greater the impact on the processing process and will cause a large number of batches. Once there is a problem with the grinding roller and the grinding ring, the vertical mill will also fail, and it will not be able to produce normally. If the vertical mill wants to run better, then to find the reason for the wear of the accessories, you can use the corresponding problem to the solution can reduce the wear rate. Wear is generally divided into mechanical damage, fatigue damage, thermal damage, and chemical damage, but it is mechanical damage and fatigue damage that can cause a large impact. When steel mills process grinding equipment accessories, they need to pay attention to the reasons for wear.

vertical mill grinding roller

The vertical mill damage is because the sharp points on the surface of the material to be ground concentrate the local stress of the grinding roller, and at the same time, it will cause relatively strong tearing and cutting. If the sharpened material is sharper, the hardness will be greater, and the wear rate will be greater and faster. Fatigue failure is the wear caused by the repeated deformation of the surface layer of the grinding roller and the grinding ring for a long time due to the overload work of the mill for a long time.

If the grinding roller of the vertical mill has been used for more than 500 hours, you need to replace the relatively new grinding roller. At the same time, you need to pay attention to cleaning the various rolling bearings inside the roller sleeve, and other damaged parts must also be carried out. Timely replacement can be done by adding lubricating oil manually; while processing the material, the fineness setting of the mill needs to be adjusted accordingly, and then according to the size of the material, soft and hard, water content, processing fineness, etc. The analyzer on the adjustment equipment performs various operation requirements such as high speed, high fineness, and low speed, which not only allows users to flexibly grasp the finished products of materials, but also reduces the wear of the grinding roller in the grinding process.

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