Chaeng Steel Slag Resource Utilization Solution Experience Customer Approval

News Date:2020-05-18 13:59:41

Years later, with the resumption of production in the industry, the number of customers consulting and investigating the Xinxiang Great Wall steel slag powder production line gradually increased, and good news came from one cooperation after another.

In the end, it can replace the reduction of powdered coal ash, limestone and other resources. The use of commercial concrete admixtures after powdering steel slag can improve its activity and reduce the cost of enterprises gradually.

The utilization of steel slag is imminent

Steel slag is the solid waste produced by iron and steel smelting in steel plants, and it is about 10% to 15% of steel production. From the early 1990s to the end of 2018, China's steel slag and tailings gradually accumulated more than 1.8 billion tons, covering more than 200,000 mu, causing serious environmental pollution and waste of resources. factor.

Due to the special nature of steel slag and the basis of treatment technology, the comprehensive optimal utilization rate of steel slag is only about 30%. From January 1, 2018, the national "Environmental Protection Tax Law" was officially launched. Among them, an environmental protection tax of 25 yuan per ton is imposed on steel slag produced and untreated by steel companies. An environmental tax of 300 yuan is levied per ton. In the "Industrial Green Development Plan (2016-2020)", it was proposed that "the utilization rate of steel slag by 2020 is expected to increase to 95%", and the utilization of steel slag is imminent.

Steel slag milling has become a more competitive high value-added utilization model

In order to meet the needs of sustainable development, all countries in the world attach great importance to the comprehensive utilization of steel slag. So far, the main fields involved in the utilization of steel slag include: return to metallurgical reuse, replacement of civil engineering materials, as well as water treatment, agricultural fertilizers, decolorization of mixed juice in sugar cane plants, and production of desulfurization agents for removing sulfur dioxide from sintered flue gas.

With the new technology of steel slag treatment and the application of new technology, the processing of steel slag into steel slag powder into the concrete field has become a more competitive high value-added utilization mode.

YB / T 804-2009 "Glossary of iron and steel slag and treatment", DG / T J08-2013-2007 "Application Technology of Steel Slag Powder Concrete". Regulations, GB ∕ T 29514-2018 "Technical Specifications for Steel Slag Processing", GB / T 32546-2016 "Technical Requirements for Steel Slag Application", GB13590-2006 "Steel Slag Portland Cement", GBT 20491-2017 "for cement and The release of standards such as "steel slag powder in concrete" and JGT486-201 "Compound Admixtures for Concrete" has laid a foundation for the substitution of steel slag powder.

Xinxiang Great Wall Steel Slag Milling Resource Solution Solution Helps Long-term Steel Plants to Realize Efficient Utilization

Xinxiang Great Wall is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for industrial waste slag, comprehensively exploring the comprehensive treatment of steel slag, and using vertical mills as the main grinding equipment for the raw material characteristics of steel slag, and launching a comprehensive turnkey service plan for the comprehensive utilization of steel slag. From the "exhaust gas" to "Jinshan", from the steel "leftover feast" to the resource "feast" of steel slag deformation, help steel companies achieve "zero emissions" of steel slag.

There is no doubt that in the development and utilization of steel slag powder, Xinxiang Great Wall has gained rich experience. Annual production of 30 indicators, 60 indicators and other sizes of steel slag fine powder production lines have successively occupied the market, and the market feedback is good.

Shanghai Baosteel Ningbo Ziheng Annual Production of 150 Additive Compound Powder(steel slag and slag) Project

Output: slag powder output 110t / h; steel slag powder output 50t / h

Cooperation Mode: EPC General Contract

Product fineness: slag fine powder ratio is 430m² / kg; steel slag fine powder ratio is 500m² / kg

Date of operation: April 2017

Application feedback: The project runs smoothly, the quality of the produced steel slag powder is stable, and the market supply and demand seeks to help Ninggang fully achieve the goal of "zero" emission of steel slag.


slag powder line

Hebei Aosen Iron & Steel 30 slag powder production project

Output: 49 t / h

Cooperation Mode: EPC General Contract

Product fineness: 420 ~ 480㎡ / kg

Production date: November 2019

Application feedback: The construction and operation of the project not only reduces the production cost of customers, but also helps customers achieve green and sustainable development, and has won high recognition from customers.

 slag powder production project

 slag powder production project

Xuzhou Southeast Steel's annual output of steel slag powder line in the 1930s

Output: 45 t / h

Cooperation Mode: EPC General Contract

Product fineness: 430 ~ 450m² / kg

Date of operation: July 2015

Application feedback: The project runs smoothly, the output and quality meet customer requirements, and the produced steel slag fine powder is sold to major cement factories and mixing plants around Xuzhou and is applied to key projects in the province.

 steel slag powder line

In order to ensure the smooth progress and completion of the customer's entire project, chaeng has launched a "one vertical mill, eight services" total package value-added plan, providing full guidance from the initial project to the final commissioning.

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