Chaeng obtains energy management system certification

News Date:2020-04-20 13:40:28

 Energy conservation, emission reduction, and continuous improvement of energy performance are the focus of attention under the current severe energy shortage situation, insufficient resources, and high environmental governance pressure. In terms of application of system management methods to reduce energy consumption and improve energy efficiency, the energy management system was built and an energy management system certification was obtained.

Prior to this, the company passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system, 14001 environmental management system and other related certifications, reasonably and effectively integrate the management system standards, strictly comply with the requirements of each system, improve efficiency, reduce energy costs, and reduce the environmental impact influences.

chaeng energy management system certification

Chaeng Energy Policy: Compliance with laws and regulations, cleaner production, circular economy, cost reduction and efficiency increase:

The company takes energy saving and consumption reduction and maximizing benefits as its core goals, adheres to the sustainable development concept of low energy consumption, low emissions, and recycling, comprehensively plans and implements energy conservation and emission reduction from a long-term development strategy, through management improvement, technological progress and structure The adjustment method has enabled the company's overall energy consumption to continue to reasonably decrease, continuously improve the comprehensive benefits of energy conservation, emission reduction and circular economy, and ultimately reach and maintain the international leading energy consumption level, and establish a good social image of compliance with laws and regulations and energy consumption benchmarks.

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