Related matters for slag tank/slag pot

News Date:2019-11-18 14:19:30

When processing cast steel slag tanks, pay attention to the taboo of molten steel: water, material moisture is too high, the equipment is too high in water, the feeding speed is too fast, the material dust is too much, and so on.

slag tank/slag pot

1. When leaving the factory, keep the surrounding area dry, and the water around the slag pit and the stove and the equipment should not be wet or wet.

2. For the container for holding molten steel, check whether there is water inside before use. The ladle refractory material needs to be baked to a certain temperature before it can be received.

3. Waste steel that has been added to the training furnace, the appearance or the inside can not be rained or there is a situation of accumulated water and water.

4. Do not throw any debris in the container filled with molten steel.

5. The cooling equipment should be checked regularly to prevent water leakage during use.

6. After tapping and slag discharge, it is forbidden to put water or sealed containers into the container for loading steel.

slag tank

Because the slag tank is an important equipment used in steel making, some slag will be scattered in the process of smelting due to high temperature problems, and the slag tank is used to hold these steel slag. As a slag pot foundry, Chaeng has good quality and guaranteed products!

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