Precautions for use of slag pots in steel plants

News Date:2018-01-09 14:04:36

The equipment defects and improper operation of casting ladle and slag pot are likely to result in explosions and other damages. During use of slag pot, operators must pay attention to safety precautions:

1. When lifting the slag pot with hot metal, molten steel and liquid slag, the pot should keep the clearance distance greater than 1.5m from the adjacent equipment or building structures.

2. The slag pot trunnion shall be located at the symmetry center 0.2m-0.4m above the synthetic center of gravity of the pot body, with a safety factor of not less than 8, and shall be tested for heavy duty at 1.25 times of the load.

The trunnion should be regularly detected defects. If there are internal cracks, shell weld seam, significant deformation, the trunnion wear greater than 10% of the diameter, mechanical failure, or lining brick damage exceeding the regulations, the slag pot should be repaired or scrapped.

3. Command the crane to carry hot metal at the required safety points.

The crane conductor holding the certificate should command crane to hoist the molten steel from the waiting point to the converter platform according to the standard whistle, gesture or special talkie.

4. Before lifting the slag pot, check there should be no water or damp objects in scrap steel. otherwise take drying measures or stop usage.

Before adding scrap steel, check and confirm that the explosion-proof door is closed before the door of the operating room

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CHAENG, as a professional steel casting company, is experienced in manufacturing high-quality slag pot for safety operation of customers.

Before production, CHAENG communicates fully with customers to make slag pot specific production plan; strictly control every procedure of mold, modelling, casting and testing for the pursuit of 100% quality; regularly train the front-line operatives, to ensure stable production quality of slag pot.

CHAENG uses advanced detection equipment to perform nondestructive testing on each slag pot, to ensure that the internal quality of slag pot, The key parts can reach level-2 testing standards of GB7233-2007, or CHAENG can customize the process according to the customer's specific testing standards

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