CHAENG Lime Rotary Kiln main Features and Advantage

News Date:2017-12-04 13:26:31

Modern chaeng energy saving lime kiln compared with the traditional rotary kiln with environmental protection, energy saving; mechanization, a higher degree of automation advantages, it can make full use of cheap energy, in particular, and can use the original pollution of the environment as the main energy, turning waste into treasure, not only The environment can be protected, and it produces lime,it not only good quality and low cost, the enterprise economic benefits will be significantly increased

lime rotary kiln

CHAENG lime rotary kiln to improve production 30%, 40% lower heat consumption, exhaust gas temperature <250 ℃, easy to dust collection, can fully meet energy saving.

The lime rotary kiln has three featured manufactured by CHAENG:

1. The lime rotary kiln is designed with a advanced structure. Be Equipped with a vertical preheater of low pressure and low damage, which can improve the preheating effect. After the preheating procedure, there are 20-25% limestone has been decomposed. The fine fraction of limestone, 10-15mm, can be used directly.

2. For the rotary kiln hoods sealing in the 2 ends, it uses the combined type scaly sealing. It makes sure the air leakage factor is less than 10%. Using compound type fire proofing material to reduce the radio heat lost.

3. The vertical cooler is a fill type that can be partitioned and ventilated. They are usually in round or a quartet shape. The discharged lime temperature from it is usually at 800 ℃+Environment temperature. The lime is easy to convey and storage. Our lime rotary kiln can heating the auxiliary air to 7000℃,reducing the moving parts and special material need.

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